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Making the decision to work for yourself and be your own boss is a very exciting prospect but often it is hard to know where to start.

Whether you have always wanted to work for yourself, or find yourself thinking about it because of a change of circumstances such as redundancy or early retirement, the information in this section will help you with some of those initial questions.

If you would like to discuss your questions with one of our accountants face to face or on the telephone, please do get in touch as we will arrange a free initial consultation.

  • Freelancer, sole trader or limited?

    When taking the first steps to becoming your own boss, one of the first decisions to make is whether you start out as a sole trader or as a limited company.

  • Accounting for freelancers

    When you start freelancing, one of the first habits you must start is asking for receipts for everything you pay for that is related to work.

  • Opportunities growing for freelancers

    Taking the plunge to become a freelancer is a big decision that can appear daunting at first but it’s a choice that’s brave, ambitious and can be ultimately rewarding.

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