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The IT industry is one of the largest users of contractors in the UK. With every industry needing IT in one shape or form in order to operate, this is perhaps not surprising.

The needs of an organisation’s IT department vary greatly within a fairly short period of time and are largely project based. It makes financial sense for an organisation to take on contractors on a project basis as and when they are required, rather than paying full time staff to manage the peaks and troughs in workflow.

If you are looking to embark on a career as an IT contractor then the links below will help answer some of those initial questions.

  • Getting started as an IT contractor

    Becoming an IT contractor is an exciting career move; what do you need to know before taking that first step?

  • Limited or umbrella route?

    The limited company route will enable you as a contractor to work in the most tax efficient manner available

  • Expenses

    When opting to work through a limited company as opposed to an umbrella company you will benefit from the ability to claim a more generous selection of expenses to pay for the costs incurred from running your company

  • First time contractor FAQs

    This is the proverbial piece of string question; we have developed an online calculator to give you a good indication of what you should expect to take home from one tax year to the next

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