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We want our service to be known for what we deliver, not what we say we’ll deliver.

If your goal is to reduce your tax bill, increase your take home or simply free up more time to balance your work life split; we can help you achieve all of these.

If you are a contractor, a consultant or a freelancer working through your own limited company then our fixed fee comprehensive service is designed with you in mind.

Whether you are just starting out, wanting to speak to an IR35 specialist, or you are an experienced contractor just wanting a seasoned expert to be there with pro-active tax advice, we can help as we specialise in this sector and have done so for many years.

Our accountants are among the best in the business and have only been able to become the best by learning their trade and importantly listening to their clients from the first day of meeting them.

For your accountant to ensure that you are working as tax efficiently as possible they will speak with you, taking the time to get to know you and your aspirations for the future. Their pro-active tax advice and accountancy knowledge will help you to reach your goals, with regular reviews and by ensuring that you have every tool you need for stress free accounting at hand.


  • fixed fee service

    At Integro Accounting we provide all of our clients with the following:

  • IT Professionals / Contractors

    The needs of an organisation’s IT department vary greatly within a fairly short period of time and are largely project based

  • Management consultants & project managers

    Project management and management consultancy are two areas that lend themselves easily to working through a limited company

  • Engineering & architect contractors

    Engineering and architecture are two very different professions, but the way in which both these industries use contractors is very similar and you will often find the two working alongside each other on large scale commercial projects

  • Finance & banking

    Whilst finance roles often provide a specific function across a wide range of industries, banking roles are almost a polar opposite, with a wide variety of different roles being performed for one industry

  • Freelancers

    Making the decision to work for yourself and be your own boss is a very exciting prospect but often it is hard to know where to start

  • Unhappy with your current accountant?

    There are several reasons as to why people wish to change their accountant. Nine times out of ten, there is nothing particularly wrong with the current accountant and you may well get on very well on a personal level.