Benefits of being a contractor

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There are many reasons people decide to follow the road that leads to never being an employee again, and enjoying the life of a contractor, consultant or freelancer.

The freedom that comes from being your own boss by working in this market is the main answer we hear when we speak with our clients. The fact that many get to choose where they work, what type of commute is involved, the type of project they take on, and sometimes even how much can be completed remotely, they all really love!

The amount of money paid to contractors compared to the employees sat next to them at their clients’ sites is normally quite a bit more, admittedly they miss out on a few of the benefits some of these employees receive such as holiday pay or sick pay but they do get to pick exactly when they go on holiday.

Also, more and more of our clients say that whilst their contracts have no notice period, their employee counterparts are also better off only by a 4 week notice period.