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Whilst finance roles often provide a specific function across a wide range of industries, banking roles are almost a polar opposite, with a wide variety of different roles being performed for one industry. In the following links we explore some different aspects of both finance roles and roles within the banking industry.

For many finance professionals, the information on the Management consultants & project managers pages will be of relevance. However, of additional significance to many will be the page on Interim management & IR35.

For professional contractors and consultants working within the banking industry the information found on the IT professionals / Contractors or Management consultants & project managers pages will be relevant reading. Here we also explore further the implications of being VAT registered when working in the banking and financial services industries along with a summary of the different contract and consultancy roles available in the banking industry.

Interim management & IR35
Many contracts for finance professionals will be interim management roles, where you will often have staff within the client organisation reporting in to you as their line manager for both HR and operational purposes

Financial services & VAT
When working for a bank or a financial service provider it is more than likely that the type of work that you do and the level of your company turnover will require your company to be registered for VAT

Banking roles
The banking sector is a vast industry with a very high usage of contractors