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Employers’ liability

Employers liability insurance is a legal requirement for all employers who employ more than one person. If the only person on the payroll of your limited company is yourself, then there is no need for you to purchase employers’ liability insurance. However, once you employ a second person then you will need to set up this insurance. Employer’s liability insurance ...

Public liability

Public liability insurance may seem a little unnecessary at first, after all, the work of many contractors, consultants and freelancers is generally not very dangerous. However, it is an insurance that every limited company should have in place. If you are out working on behalf of your company on a client site and one of the client’s staff were to ...

Professional indemnity

Professional indemnity insurance (PII) is the most important business insurance for a limited company to have in place. Its purpose is to protect the company in the event that one of its clients brings a claim against it in relation to the work that has been carried out. A limited company is liable for making good on any damage caused ...

Insurance for you and your company

The main three insurances to consider for your company are: professional indemnity insurance; public liability insurance; and employers’ liability insurance. Further information on these three insurances is available in the links below. However, when moving to working through a limited company, there are also personal insurances that are worth investigating. Most personal insurances are not tax deductible business expenses and ...