The vast majority of contractors will be dealing with another business as an end client and VAT registration will not put either the contractor or the client out of pocket. The company collecting the VAT on your sales from your client in addition to your daily rate and passing the VAT element on to HMRC; if your client is also VAT registered they will claim the VAT back from HMRC and it has then gone full circle, with the net effect to both you and your client being nil.

So if the VAT goes full circle, what’s the point of it as a tax? Well, it exists to tax the end consumer, the individual at the end of the line who is buying the end product – as we all know to our cost whenever we buy goods and services personally.

There are rules in place that make it compulsory at certain times for a business to register for VAT and there are other times when it is actually beneficial to register for VAT voluntarily.

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