Hassle free switching with Integro Accounting – Pay NO catch up fees!

As a contractor your time is precious. Waiting on the phone to speak to your accountant, sending numerous emails, being placed on hold only to have to repeat yourself again… and again… and again, is time and stress you don’t need, and time you are not paid for! But is it complicated to switch from your current accountant?

Quite simply, no. Naturally there will be a minimal amount of work involved, but by choosing the right specialist contractor accountant, they will take all the stress away for you.

If you are ready to switch accountants, visit our Become a Client page today to get started and pay NO catch up fee’s!

Ask yourself, what are the risks of staying with your current accountant?

  • If they are late replying to you, will they be late filing your accounts? Late fee’s with companies’ house can equate to £1,500 depended on how late they are submitted.
  • Are you speaking to a different person each time? If so, are they keeping an eye on everything, the entire view of accounts? Future tax planning opportunities could be missed if the overall view of your accounts is not monitored correctly.
  • Are you always speaking to your accountant, or an account support?
  • Software compatibility – with HMRC making tax digital is your accountant ‘compatible’ with these changes? We only use the award-winning software FreeAgent, HMRC lead with all changes incorporated into the software.

Here at Integro Accounting we handle the entire switch over process for you and have NO catch up fee costs when signing up with Integro. We will speak to your previous accountant, get all the documentations and files sent over and populate them into our internal system.

So how can you switch accountants?

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions we are asked, which we hope will guide you along:

How easy is it to switch to Integro Accounting?

Very simple. Once you are signed up to Integro Accounting, you will then need to notify your accountant you are leaving, stating who your new accountant is. We recommend checking you have no notice period or exit fee before you do. Your dedicated Integro Accountant will then write to your previous accountant and handle all communication for you. You will not have to step in unless advised by us.

What happens to my previous accounts?

Generally, you will have paid for these to be done, so your previous accountant should already be in the process or should have already completed them. Should they claim they are no longer required to complete your accounts as you are leaving, ensure to challenge them.

If you feel you’ve lost trust in your previous accountants and would like the past years accounts reviewed, we would be happy to provide an adhock price for this.

How many years of accounts will I need to switch over?

Integro Accounting will only need the previous years’ worth of accounts i.e. one years’ worth.  We don’t ask for previous years, however any accounts or tax returns that have been completed, you should have seen a copy of and signed off to your previous accountant. We do not need the previous years, theses are for your records only.

What if I am using a different software to FreeAgent?

We can convert all the information onto FreeAgent for you. We will either speak to your accountant and get all the information sent over, or, if you have login details, we will take these and transfer all the data over into FreeAgent.

This is included in your accountancy package; no extra fees will be charged in doing this. Some other companies do.

How long does the switching process take?

We aim to have all your accounts moved over within one month.

We will contact your accountant as soon as you are signed up with Integro and give us permission to speak to your previous accountants. We will do everything to get you switched over as quickly as possible.

Will I have legal tie ins with my current accountant?

You should have full transparency on reviewing your contract with your current accountant. If it does not state a tie in time or notice period, then you can always argue that this was not made clear on joining that company.

Will I save money switching accountants on a certain date?

This is dependent on the current tie in with your previous accountant. There is not a specific date that will save you money, as most organisations will ask for monthly payments, so ultimately it is confirming your notice period with your current accountant and then we can advise on the most logical switch over date to best suit you. We will always advise the best switch over date to avoid paying two lots of accountancy fees.

If you are ready to switch accountants, simply complete our Become a Client form today and we will get things started. Alternatively call 0207 0962659 to speak to one of our qualified accountants.

Why choose Integro Accounting?

Integro Accounting provide a fixed fee limited company accountancy service to contractors, freelancers and consultants. Integro accounting was founded on the word integrity. Clients rate us 5/5 on Google and we pride ourselves on building a completely transparent and personal relationship with our clients.  For just £100 + VAT per month, you can have a partner integral to your contracting career.

  • All-inclusive price – no hidden charges, one comprehensive package.
  • A dedicated accountant – one person who will support you every step of the way.
  • Unlimited face to face meetings – offices available across the UK.
  • FREE award-winning accountancy software – a FreeAgent license provided to all clients.
  • 24/7 access to your accounts – complete visibility of your accounts whenever and wherever you are.

Speak to one of our expert accountants today on 0207 0962659 or email christian@integroaccounting.com for more information on how we can help you.