In July 2019, over 30% of our Integro Accounting clients completed our first ever contractor survey.

Integro Life as a ContractorOur short 10 question survey allowed contractors to share their thoughts on the contracting market. Sharing answers on topics such as: rates of pay, how they  secured their latest contract, IR35 and much more.

Interestingly, over half of our clients completed the survey prior to the IR35 legislation update on the 11th July 2019 with the remainder completing it after.

So, what did contractors have to say? Was it all doom and gloom?

The answer was no. Despite concerns about the pending April 2020 IR35 off payroll roll out into the private sector, contractors remain positive and driven. Key stats showed:

  • 70% actively chose to go contracting instead of being pushed
  • Over ½ of clients still find work in IT the most popular sector
  • Over ¾ of clients rated ‘Greater Flexibility’ as the number 1 reason for going contracting, with higher take home pay the second most popular reason
  • Only 28% actively went contracting to increase their skill set
  • 80% are taking home between £300 – £800 per day
  • 30% rely on recruiters to secure a contract with ‘an existing contact’ just as powerful
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It showcases all the good, the bad and the unicorns (trust us on this) of the survey.

Why choose Integro Accounting?

Integro Accounting provide a fixed fee limited company accountancy service to contractors, freelancers and consultants. Integro accounting was founded on the word integrity. Clients rate us 5/5 on Google and we pride ourselves on building a completely transparent and personal relationship with our clients.  For just £100 + VAT per month, you can have a partner integral to your contracting career.

  • All-inclusive price – no hidden charges, one comprehensive package.
  • A dedicated accountant – one person who will support you every step of the way.
  • Unlimited face to face meetings – offices available across the UK.
  • FREE award-winning accountancy software – a FreeAgent license provided to all clients.
  • 24/7 access to your accounts – complete visibility of your accounts whenever and wherever you are.

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